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Global Nomad Summit LIVE 2020
10 - 12 December 2020

What to Expect ?

Inspiring Speakers

Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, Travel Bloggers, CEOs, and Co-Founders – directly related to traveling and digital nomadic lifestyle have carefully curated their workshop and session material to ensure maximum knowledge sharing


Learn skills like Life Design, Content Management, Running  & Managing Remote Team, Freelancer Profile Building, etc. in a fun and interactive environment

Mindfulness Activities

Rejuvenate your Mind, Body, and Soul with Early Morning Yoga and Meditation everyday


Meet Digital Nomads from across the globe, connect with Industry Leaders and make new global family

After Party

We promise you an amazing bash for a afterparty where you can make Nomadic and Traveler friends! Cheers for long lasting friendships.

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100% awesomeness of outcomes

Agenda of Global Nomad Summit

Speakers of Global Nomad Summit

Gonçalo Hall

Founder at Remote work movement | Portugal

Krystal Pino

Founder at Nomad Tax | United States of America

Lola Casamitjana

Co-Founder at Floasis | France

Lavina Dsouza

Founder at Continent Hop | United Kingdom

Jordan Carroll

Founder at The Remote Job Coach | Mexico

Charlo Allizard

Founder at Remote Mentors | France

Tarek Kholoussy

Founder at Nomads Giving Back | Bali

Gordian Overschmidt

Founder at ODE Systems | Germany

Christina Voll

Founder at Rise Remotely | Ecuador

Andrew Jernigan

Co-Founder at Insured Nomads | Spain

Nicole Hudson

Strategic Transformation Consultant at Simply Hudson | USA

Richard Smith

High Performance & Executive Coach | New Zealand

Mita Carriman

Founder of Adventurely | United States of America

Saransh Sharma

Researcher at Muellners | India

Rick Graham

Co-Founder & CTO at Evedo | Bulgaria

Rishabh Dev

Founder of Mapplinks Academy | India

Shashikiran Rao

Co-Founder (Europe & India) at Draper Startup House | India

George S Samuels

Founder at Hona | Singapore

Rahul Kumar

Creator & Dreamer at E-Living Project | India

Gaëtan de Dietrich

Community Product at Hmlet | Singapore

Hannah Brown

Head of Content at e-Residency | Estonia

Sahin Boydas

Founder & CEO at | USA

Marcela Fernandez

Global Director of Experience at Selina | Colombia

Archana Priyadarshini

Managing General Partner at PointOne Capital | India

Vinod Shankar

Chief Hustler at Java Capital | India

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Some interesting facts about us !

What is Global Nomad Summit ?

Global Nomad Summit is a 3-day event with workshops and networking events where travelers, digital nomads, remote workers gather and share their expertise with the attendees. Global Nomad Summit Live 2020 will be a virtual event in December 2020 across international regions in different time zones where we are inviting mentors and speakers from across the globe to share their skills and knowledge.

Am I eligible for attending GNS ?

Yes, we welcome all individuals to join our global community to learn and be inspired by the expert digital nomads who lead their dream life and travel the world while doing so. If you are a freedom-lover and also want to earn money and enjoy your best life, this is the entry ticket to your location independent life.

How can I register for Global Nomad Summit ?

You can register online for Global Nomad Summit Live 2020 by filling up the registration form at

Who is a Digital Nomad ?

A digital nomad is a remote worker who usually travels to different locations. They could be solopreneurs, freelancers, business owners or full-time remote workers who often work in coffee shops, co-working spaces, or public libraries, relying on devices with wireless internet capabilities like laptops, smartphones and mobile hotspots to do their work wherever they want.

What can I expect after attending the Summit ?

After attending the Global Nomad Summit, you learn tips and tricks to become a digital nomad, earn passive income while travelling the world, learn more about the trends in remote jobs and also avail offers from our sponsors. Not only this, you can network with other attendees, connect with our speakers and mentors as well as become a lifelong member of our global community.

How can I join the community even if I miss attending the Summit ?

You can simply register for the event and you will be sent the replays of the sessions on your registered mail id which you can watch later at your convenience. After registering for the event, you will be added to our global community of like-minded people, travellers and digital nomads who you can connect with later as well.


Attending GNS was the most eventful time of my life. I met and connected with incredible people from 7+ nations. We celebrated, learned, lived, and partied together. Numerous collaborations and global bonds were made! Love to know something so enriching is now present in India.
Global Nomad Summit was an eye opener for me into the world Digital Nomads. The ethnic diversity helped me connect with people from all walks of life. In addition, the Talks and Workshops helped me improve in both my personal and professional sphere. The best of all were the late night community gathering.

Global Community of
Digital Nomads

Global Nomad Summit is the go-to community for digital nomads, freelancers, travelers and remote workers with exciting meetups, seminars and events where you get to not just network but also open the vast horizon of opportunities to explore and live your freedom lifestyle beyond the routine 9-5 work life.

Join Our Community

If you are the one who is fascinated by smashing the boundaries of your regular job, crafting your own life, working at your own pace from a tropical island or any dream destination, upskilling on the move and engaging with the experienced digital nomads across the globe, you are at the right place.

Be a part of our thriving community of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and travelers who love to explore the world. Engage, interact and learn from expert Digital Nomads who lead a location-independent lifestyle and enjoy it to the utmost.

Through our virtual events and physical meetups, you pick up new skills, learn travel hacks, stay ahead of the crowd with technological advancements and global reform policies for digital nomads and get to hang out and network with fellow nomads building your life as well as your global tribe.