Global Nomad Summit is India’s first Global Digital Nomad Summit. Poised to connect whole world, provide location independent financial solutions and freedom lifestyle, we ensure life changing knowledge and experience. 

Our immersive 3 day event is meant to make people financially location independent and unite the world into one tribe of awesomeness. We provide best speakers and facilitators while we work through all the hurdles that prevent our personal and professional well being, together.

Attendees from across the globe live, laugh and learn together. From travel hacks to online projects, we provide end to end solutions to every possible hurdle that prevents you from being financially independent and exploring the world.

The Concept

• 3 days of Workshop Based Boot Camp and Panel discussion for Digital Nomads, Travellers and Bloggers from across the globe 

• Workshops on real life skills 

• Finding Remote Jobs, Pitching Projects

• Owning digital space through YouTube, Instagram and Blogs.

• Travelling while Volunteering 

• Yoga & Fitness, Community Management, Mindfullness

. Living Location Independent lifestyle 

• Industry veterans to conduct the workshops 

• Networking with fellow travellers and participants for life long experience 

Our Vision

Create a community of Travellers, Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Bloggers and Freelancers across the globe. 

To make Global Nomad Summit a large flagship event to be held regularly across Digital Nomad friendly cities in India as well as across globe .

To encourage global participation to attend as well as to conduct workshops and sessions We are promoting India become a next Digital Nomad Hub